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Ash Hunter is the 35-year-old CEO of hunterfive. With a pedigree in automotive publishing...
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Ash Hunter is the 35-year-old CEO of Hunterfive – a Group with diverse business interests broadly categorised into media and manufacturing; property investment; venture capital/opportunity exploration; and philanthropy.

Ash believes success in business comes from “getting back to basics” - knowing the value you bring to the market and to your customers, a zero tolerance to "bullshit" and being able to make decisions. He believes success is underwritten by being passionate about what you.

At the core of Hunterfive is the automotive media network comprising the Autotrader Group and JUST AUTO publishing. Collectively, these entities form Australia’s largest privately owned publishing companies, with print and online offerings that deliver automotive classifieds and content for both niche and mass markets.

Ash is steering future growth within the Group’s media network based on creating consumer orientated marketplaces around his “what/when/how” strategy – giving consumers what they want, when they want and in the format they wish to consume; be this in print, online, mobile or in person.

This growth strategy has delivered the highly innovative and successful online extension of the JUST CARS and JUST BIKES marketplaces; and production is in place to mirror this across the remaining JUST verticals - JUST TRUCKS & HEAVY EQUIPMENT, JUST 4X4s and JUST PARTS.

Another growth priority is the recent acquisition of Western Australian automotive classified stalwart, the Autotrader Group. The acquisition from Telstra in July 2010 was based on the strategic synergies the business shares with JUST AUTO, creating economies and adding both breadth and knowledge to the Group’s automotive footprint.

Ash’s interest in the Autotrader Group was also linked to the historical similarities it shares with JUST AUTO. Both businesses began as family enterprises in 1989, incepted in lounge rooms on opposite sides of the country.

Shayne Hunter, Ash’s father, started the JUST brand in the late 1980's. Ash took over the reigns at JUST MAGAZINES when he was 22, in the wake of his father's sudden death. In 13 years, he has grown the family business five fold, made significant commercial publishing acquisitions and diversified the Hunterfive Group’s interest beyond publishing.

Shayne provided the foundation for Ash’s commercial values and enthusiasm. Working in local government in regional Victoria by day, at night Shayne would go to his workshop and piece together magazines we know today as Unique Cars and Deals-on-Wheels.

ACP later acquired these titles, prompting Shayne’s early retirement aged 36. Itchy feet ended his spell, giving birth to JUST MAGAZINES with the launch of JUST BIKES in 1989. The first issue was the largest selling motorcycle magazine in the country. Somewhat ironically, today the JUST MAGAZINES titles compete directly with stable of magazines Shayne started in the 70's and 80's. Proudly, JUST CARS and JUST BIKES continue to lead the way in their respective niche markets.

With Shayne's death in September 1998, Ash assumed control of JUST MAGAZINES. Ash was working full time in real estate, and would sift through the JUST MAGAZINES business at night, mirroring how his father had incepted the family business years before.

Ash and his team share their audiences’ love for all things on wheels. He spends his spare time dismantling and rebuilding bikes and cars, and scouring both JUST and Autotrader looking for his next purchase.

Outside of his commercial activity, Ash is Chairman of the Board of Anam Cara House (Colac), an organisation providing palliative care and support for families in need in regional Australia. Ash also uses his own business initiatives to raise funds for his personal charitable interest, the Hunterfive Foundation – currently supporting Evolve (VIC) and Kids Under Cover (VIC/QLD/ACT).

"People often ask me questions about a secret recipe for success – which doesn't exist of course, however getting back to basics underpins the success of every business and entrepreneur alike," Ash says.

Ash's "Getting Back to Basics" approach is a list of practical tips applicable to businesses of any size, which he believes are critical to succeed, as well as key in building long-term business partnerships.

"'Getting Back to Basics' is the equivalent of the miracle two minute workout we're all searching for."

Specifically, the Hunterfive Group comprises:

  • JUST AUTO – one of Australia’s largest privately owned publishing companies with print and online offerings focused on the delivery of automotive content for niche vehicle markets. JUST AUTO consists of six vehicle marketplaces - JUST CARS, JUST BIKES, JUST TRUCKS, JUST PARTS, JUST HEAVY EQUIPMENT & JUST 4x4s. JUST AUTO provides automotive enthusiasts with the content they want, when they want it and how they want it.
  • Autotrader Group – WA market leader in automotive publishing. Established in 1989, the Group includes the WA Autotrader and BoaTrader magazines and the soon to launch online counterparts.
  • Inspireworks – providing end-to-end video production for marketing and corporate communications, training and entertainment, specialising in web delivery video.
  • JUST US – medium to large-scale event production and management, with a focus on automotive and music events.
  • King Glass – glass table wear manufacturer based in China with hospitality industry clients across world markets.
  • P4i – property investment and development in regional Australia.
  • Hunterfive charities – supporting a range of family related causes via a self funded charitable foundation.

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There's no secret recipe to success. It's about getting back to basics – a no bullshit approach, knowing the value you bring to the market, making decisions and most importantly, being completely passionate about what you do.
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Ash's "Getting Back to Basics" approach:
  1. Understand and focus on your customers
  2. Zero Bullshit
  3. Trust in Your Team
  4. Make Decisions
  5. Update Infrastructure
  6. Simple Alignment
  7. Passion
  8. Know the value you bring to the market
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