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King Glass

Located in China, King Glass manufactures drinking glasses for world food service markets, including Europe, America, the Middle East and Australia; and for the Chinese domestic market. With a production capacity of more than 80 million units, a team of international engineering experts commission and operate the production of all lines, ensuring quality control and maximum efficiencies in production.

King Glass manufactures industry standard styles as well as offering bespoke design services. Presently, the focus is on tumblers with an expansion into stemware in the near future. Full decoration services are also available.

Substantial capital investment has been made to ensure world-class
production facilities, including the following machinery:

Two Hartford H28 – rotary 12 section press-blow forming machines
One Libby L18 – a rotary 18 section press-blow forming machine.
Westlake stretching machines for stemware.



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