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April, 2010: JUST BIKES celebrated a milestone 250 issues in April, 2010, crowning 21 years at the top of the motorbike marketplace in Australia. Part of the JUST MAGAZINES stable, one of the largest privately owned publishing houses in the country, JUST BIKES has defined the motorcycle marketplace since the first edition was promoted at the 1989 Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix at Phillip Island.

Since its debut, the magazine has undergone several changes including updates to the cover, the logo, the addition of new features, new advertising options and new distribution channels. The years have made for some interesting comparisons and insights into the motorcycle marketplace in Australia. Let’s take a look at these, and some highlights of the magazine over the past 21 years.


Vincent Black Shadow Triumph Hurricane


A Vincent Black Shadow, one of the most sought after classic motorcycles of all time, was advertised in the inaugural edition of JUST BIKES (June, 1989) for $17,000. Today, these bikes are valued at $60,000 or more with an immaculate example advertised for $75,000 in JUST BIKES in 2008.

Triumph’s ‘Hurricane’ Triple has proven to be a great investment for motorcycle enthusiasts. In the debut edition, a pair was offered for sale for under $8,000 each. Quadrupling in value, a recent example was advertised in JUST BIKES for $34,000.

Jim Nasi, Afterlife


The most expensive bike advertised in JUST BIKES to date has been ‘Afterlife’ – a custom chopper built by Jim Nasi Customs in the US for an Australian client. Featured on the cover of the December 2007 issue, it was advertised for a massive $154,000.

The runner up in the most expensive bike advertised in JUST BIKES would be King Pin Choppers’ multi-award winning chopper, advertised in the December 2006 edition for $145,000.

In August 2009, a rare Ducati Supermono race bike was advertised for $125,000.

Kingpin Chopper NSU


The oldest bike advertised in JUST BIKES was a 1908 NSU single cylinder. The fully restored bike featured in the June 1993 issue.

The rarest production bike ever offered for sale in JUST BIKES (outside of custom builds) is the Buell RR 1000 Battletwin. Only 50 of these Harley-engined bikes were built, specifically for racing in the USA. Never officially imported to Australia, it’s believed that only one has ever made it down under – advertised for sale in the mag in 1990. This model was a catalyst for the success of the Buell brand, however Harley-Davidson terminated the brand in 2008.


  • The rise in popularity of choppers and customs bikes in the 90s/00s, fuelled by the American trend and the popularity of O.C.C Choppers. The Australian industry followed suit, until the GFC severely impacted the industry.
  • The boom in scooter popularity over the past few years, reflecting both the increasing cost associated with cars and a trend towards inner city living.
  • The number of 60s/70s British and European bikes from private sellers has reduced over the past 20 years, with an increase in Japanese bikes seen in the magazine.


  • April 1989 – Thousands of flyers promoting the upcoming magazine are distributed at that year’s Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix at Phillip Island.
  • June 1989 - JUST MOTOR BIKES 1st issue. A real ‘kitchen table’ effort, all the layout and paste-up of the magazine is done by hand in a room at the Hunter household. Debut issue is 100 pages and has a cover price of $2.00
  • July 1992 – A 12 month subscription to JUST MOTOR BIKES increases from $40.00 to $50.00 – and has stayed at that price ever since, despite increases in the news stand price!
  • October 1992 – The impact of JUST MOTOR BIKES on the market is recognised by BMW, who place one of the first ‘corporate’ ads in the magazine, promoting the new K100 RS with ‘security pack’ (lockable panniers and alarm system). The following issue, BP advertise their range of two & four stroke oils - with the chance to win a Harley!
  • August 1993 – JUST MOTOR BIKES 50th issue. 188 pages.
  • May 1994 – Just Magazines moves from the Hunter family home in Lara to new premises in North Geelong.
  • June 1995 – A separate JUST MOTOR BIKES ‘Annual’ goes on sale. Featuring a compilation of the rare, desirable, unusual and outstanding motorcycles advertised in past issues, the Annual is a huge hit with enthusiasts and sells out within weeks. Overwhelming demand from enthusiasts leads to a reprint and reissue of the Annual in January, 1996.
  • October 1997 - JUST MOTOR BIKES 100th issue. 204 pages.
  • September 1998 - JUST MOTOR BIKES founder, Shayne Hunter, passes away in mid-September. His loss is felt throughout the industry. Shayne’s eldest son, Ashley, takes on the mantle of editor and publisher across all ‘Just’ titles, determined to continue and build on the success established by his father.
  • July 2000 - Implementation of the GST means JUST MOTOR BIKES is actually cheaper under the new sales tax system, dropping from $2.75 to $2.50.
  • December 2001 - JUST MOTOR BIKES 150th issue. 196 pages.
  • July 2005 - JUST MOTOR BIKES increases its association with Craig Dack Racing by running ‘CDR Tech Talk’, a monthly series of maintenance tips from CDR’s expert technicians.
  • February 2006 – JUST MOTOR BIKES 200th issue. 228 pages.
  • April 2006 - JUST MOTOR BIKES circulation is ABC audited for the first time. The monthly sales figure average of 34,863 copies confirms what we knew already – JUST MOTOR BIKES is Australia’s top selling motorcycle magazine!
  • September 2006 - JUST MOTOR BIKES moves premises again, relocating to the ‘T&G’ building in the heart of Geelong.
  • October 2006 – Advertised “oddities and rarities” include a rare Hesketh V1000, ex-Swiss Army ‘Condor’ with a Ducati 350cc engine, and a genuine Bangkok ‘Tuk Tuk’ taxi!
  • March 2007 – An all new logo and cover design debuts, officially dropping ‘MOTOR’ from the title. The JUST BIKES change is part of a redesign across all JUST publications.
  • February 2009 – JUST BIKES celebrates 20 years.
  • April 2009 – Cover and logo are revamped again.
  • December 2009 – the online companion to JUST BIKES magazine, is launched.
  • April 2010 - JUST BIKES 250th issue

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