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DECEMBER 9, 2009: Websites combining a groundbreaking hybrid of content, classifieds and social networking have today been launched for the top two circulating print magazines in their respective markets*–JUST CARS and JUST BIKES. The launch of the online versions of these cult JUST MAGAZINES titles delivers websites offering end users an experience as customisable as the vehicles they spend their lives labouring over in garages around the nation.

"With a development brief focused on delivering the ultimate end user experience for our very defined target audience, the need was to recreate our Buy, Sell, Dream ethos online. This meant both the tangible elements of the much loved magazines, as well as the intangible environment of the passionate car culturists they bring together," explained JUST CEO, Ash Hunter.

"This was not possible until the emergence of Web 2.0, hence the reason the sites have been two years in the making.

"For the first time, car and bike enthusiast communities can replicate their automotive passion online and connect with each other – as they do in real life, be it in their garages or at any one of the multitude of car/bike rallies around the country every weekend."

The JUST CARS and JUST BIKES sites are a unique hybrid of deep social networking capability, highly customisable blogs and classified advertising; and are incredibly content rich – largely user-generated. Intrinsic to the development model was the ability to cater to the highly individual tastes of custom and collectible vehicle lovers.

The search capability and almost bespoke serving of content to individual users is unparalleled and distinctly different from competitor sites, as well as other non-vehicle classified sites. Visit the JUST CARS site and search under Muscle/Sports/Performance vehicles. Not only does your search return results for this category, however every display ad on the site relates to the category, as does all of the video and text based content – both user generated and produced by JUST. Watch videos about Muscle and Performance cars, click on member blogs about cars within these categories, and go directly to these bloggers and ask questions or advice.

"The sites are quite literally the online version of our offline product. Sounds simple, however our print business continues to increase in circulation because of two things – we understand our audience and their very niche interests and secondly, because our magazines bring like minded people together – they create communities," Ash commented.

"We're in the content distribution business, and we deliver content to people when they want it, with precisely what they want, and in the format they want it in. Our verticals are all niche interests – our online product had to work within these niches."

The sites are unprecedented in terms of development and architecture. With a central premise to provide users with only the specific content they want and nothing outside of their search criteria, both the back and front ends of the sites work to deliver this ideal. Everything from search capability, to the groundbreaking indexing and developmental aspects facilitate the fastest delivery of content, that's completely customisable by the end user.

My Garage is where members can manage their blogs, the functionality of which has been designed for individuals as well as commercial outfits, car clubs and the like. Also within My Garage, members can showcase projects they're currently working on in their sheds, make notes about vehicles for sale on the site, post questions to be answered by fellow enthusiasts, follow other user blogs – the list of functionality goes on.

"The platform we have built for the JUST sites has taken more than two years to perfect. The site infrastructure and back end is a powerful and robust platform, providing a best of breed solution for large sites serving both content and classifieds – which provides commercial opportunities beyond the automotive industry," Ash said.

The sites have been built to allow the quick creation of additional verticals to accommodate the roll out of JUST TRUCKS & HEAVY EQUIPMENT, JUST PARTS and JUST 4X4s; as well as appropriating the back end to suit other commercial businesses.


  • A bespoke development, the sites were designed from the ground up as Web 2.0, Cloud capable, modularized component suite.
  • The sites are built entirely on enterprise grade open source stacks (JBoss stack, Postgres etc) allowing for scalability and growth.
  • Adding to the stack, the sites are deployed on Clouds further facilitating quick scalability in peak times and downgrading in off peak times.
  • Structured Content makes for easy introduction of new content, as well as optimal indexing of existing content.
  • Index based search is a significant feature of the sites, which allows the fastest delivery of desired content to the end user. Site architecture drives SEO to promote the most relevant delivery of content, as opposed to purely exploiting search engine rankings.
  • Site architecture is designed from the outset to optimally manage URL generation from an SEO perspective, as well as enabling users who want to bookmark, organise and share URL accessible information.

*ABC figures for net paid sales Jan - June 2009 Volume VIII - Number 2

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